Top Flight Corvette

Morey Cellars is very pleased to sponsor Top Flight Corvette of San Diego in its quest to become the champion drag racer in the Heritage circuit! At first, we thought it would be an interesting combination of areas of speciality but it turns out that they like wine as much as we like speed (don't go reading too much into that...). So, we've learned to appreciate the game of drag racing (getting as close to 7.6 seconds as possible), and they have enjoyed discovering our wines. A great synergy!

Briefly, about Top Flight, Lawton Ferreira Sr. was a racer in his day (memo to Lawton Sr.--this is not a challenge!). Now his son, Lawton Jr., is on a quest to be the best drag racer in his category. Since both are intimately familiar with racing cars, repairing and maintaining classic Corvettes at their shop, there are two generations making sure that their racing car is running at 110%. It's tough to describe a race unless you have actually been there, and here is one video from Bakersfield 2009 that might give you an idea. Lawton Jr. also raced at Sacramento 2009. Our hearing eventually recuperated...

Morey Cellars attended several races in 2009 and we are certainly looking forward to 2010! Our boy will do great, we believe. Here is the kicker--if you buy Morey Cellars wines and tell us that you are a fan of Top Flight, or heard of us through them, we will donate 25% to their effort! So, find us at the various races, in San Diego, or online, and we all can help Lawton Jr. become the topic of legends.

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